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Pretty Lavender Flower Sweet Pea Wellsuited Peas Wholesale Flowers DIY Wedding

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There are a lot of kinds of ornamental plants in world example Lavender Flower Sweet Pea. Based on its type, ornamental plants are divided into 5 parts, namely flower ornamental plants, leaf ornamental plants, fruit ornamental plants, root ornamental plants, and stem ornamental plants. Whereas based on the place, there are ordinary ornamental plants, hanging ornamental plants, and water ornamental plants.

All ornamental plants give an attractive impression of the body parts, ranging from flowers, leaves, fruit, stems, and even the leaves. Some ornamental plants are also known to have parts of plants that emit fresh scents to scent the room, or can also be planted to beautify the room and repel mosquitoes and insects.

A. What is the meaning of ornamental plants?

What is meant by ornamental plants is a type of plant that is planted to create the impression of beauty, beauty, and create attraction. Ornamental plants are plants that are generally planted on the yard of the house or placed indoors using a pot as a place.

People plant ornamental plants generally aim to give the impression of beauty to their dwellings, be they planting ornamental plants of flowers, leaves or fruit, if the plants have beauty and are planted to create traction, they can be categorized as ornamental plants.

B. Sorts of ornamental plants

a. Based on the type of plant

Here are some sorts of ornamental plants that are often planted in the environment around us, including:

1. Decorative Flowers

Decorative flower plants are the most popular among the people, because the names of the flowers on the plants are very identical to be used as decoration. Flower plants certainly have a variety of shapes and colors depending on the type of plant. One of these plant is usually planted outdoors on the ground directly or using a pot as a place. Some examples include: roses, jasmine, sunflowers, daisies, orchids, hibiscus, frangipani flowers, and so on.

Pretty Lavender Flower Sweet Pea Wellsuited Peas Wholesale Flowers DIY Wedding

2. Ornamental Plants Leaves

Leaf ornamental plants are plants that have beauty in terms of leaves, usually ornamental plants do not flowering leaves. One of these ornamental plant is certainly durable and not easy to wilt or fall like a flower ornamental plant. One of these plant is very well placed outside or inside the room. Some examples such as: Anthurium, elephant ears, suplir, aglaonema, yellow palm and so on.

3. Ornamental Trees

Namely a pretty tree to be used as an ornamental plant, usually a tree whose size is not too large and has beauty in terms of the trunk / stalk. Ornamental Plants These trees are generally placed outside the room such as the home yard or garden. Trees that are often made into decoration for example: banyan, Japanese bamboo, yellow bamboo, and so on.

4. Fruit Ornamental Plants

Some people often make plants that produce fruit as a decoration too. Because of the beautiful combination of stems, leaves and fruit, it is suitable as an ornamental plant. Some examples such as: rainbow chillies, lemons, nagami oranges, and so on.

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